Deploy & Improve

your AirSupply usage


Aegys Consulting & Solutions helps you to increase efficiency in the business areas covered by the AirSupply hub. For Customers and Suppliers of AirSupply: we provides business optimisation, design and build of IT integration with your ERP.

Supply chain

AirSupply experts team.

Our consulting team supports you in the different aspects of the end to end IT integration you need for the management of your supply chain.

Project Management

Our project managers are experts in portal integration project and deployment topics. We are used to work with multiple stakeholder teams and projects.

Functionnal design of flows

We support you in the implementation or improvement of any AirSupply flow: Forecast, Purchase Order, Good Receipt, Despatch Advice, OTD, Invoicing... all the flows


Improve or deploy the usage or Airconnect.

AS2 solutions & EDI

Deploy AS2 EDI quickly at optimal cost.


Plan. Specify. Use.

Plan portal project

Gather the right actors: business stakeholders, IT referent, Architect, and move in the same direction with the right point to tackle and streamline approach.

Define processes and constraints

The users needs to work efficiently with the solution and the internal business constraints.

Design smart solutions

The solution has to be evolutive and simple, the balance is made possible thanks to our expertise and references in Supply Chain portal integration.

Test and document

Robust solution is robustely tested, accepted solution comes with change management clear and documented.

Take action

Push the solution to end users and let them focus on their business objectives.

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