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Aegys spred is an analytics platform which provides predesigned predictive modules to increase efficiency in different business areas. This is the fastest path between data and decisions.

Supply chain

Ready to use Predictive modules

Predictive analytics are increasingly important to Supply Chain Management making the process more accurate, reliable, and at reduced costs.

Secure Purchase Deliveries

Predict whether a purchase order will be delivered late or no by a supplier.

Improve Product Quality

Predict potential product quality issues in order to anticipate them before they become truly critical.

Avoid Missing Parts

Reduce the time line stop due to part shortage by detecting and reducing missing parts from suppliers.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance eliminates premature replacement of machinery thereby saving huge maintenance costs.

Plug. Predict. Act.

Using our pre-build predictive modules is an automated approach for predictive analytics which drastically reduces the efforts of data scientists and empower companies to focus on their business.
Data collection from SAP ERP
Get your data from SAP R/3, SAP ECC or SAP HANA. Also connect to other data storage systems like filesystem or database.
Data cleaning and enrichment
Data cleaning is the next step to transform raw data into meaningful insights.
Predictive models building & ranking
With all your data in one place, leverage our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to build the best predictive model.
Model deployment & monitoring
Instantly deploy your predictive models, track and visualize your models' drift over time.
Take action
Push the prediction into the hands of the teams ready to act on them.

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